Exercise Physiology Services for Seniors Living in the Community - Sunshine Coast

As we age, staying active and independent can become increasingly difficult. For seniors living in the community, in-home exercise physiology services can provide a valuable solution to maintaining physical and cognitive function, preventing falls, managing chronic conditions, and maintaining mental well-being.

Sam Heritage
Sam Heritage
Highly recommend Adam and his services. He has been a great support for our son who has ASD and many sensitivities. Adam manages to get him moving and being active and provides education about living a healthy lifestyle.
maddison wilson
maddison wilson
I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to regain their balance and mobility. I have a lot more confidence in myself now after working with Adam for over the last 7 months. His periodic evaluations are very helpful in seeing the progress I’ve made. Dee Ware
Junelle Holmes
Junelle Holmes
My Mum of 94 years, has been doing exercises in her home with Adam. She was very weak and loosing muscle mass, especially after loosing my Dad in April. Adam gradually encouraged her to start gently and improve weekly doing her exercises. Even at 94, she is now regaining her strength and it looks like we wont be needing to use the wheel chair that was recently purchased. It's amazing what an half hour, twice a week, can achieve. Thankyou Adam for your knowledge and expertise in helping my Mum walk much more freely.
Vicki M
Vicki M
I worked with Adam whilst working as a Case Manager for an Aged Care Provider. Adam was a delight to work with. He was prompt, efficient and communicated extensively. His reports are detailed and I received regular updates. Clients have reached their personal goals and were thrilled with the way Adam approaches their sessions.
Val White
Val White
I have received the best service from Adam and feel he has brought out the best in me. Great to work with and understands my problems completely. Thank you Adam
Yvette Adams
Yvette Adams
Adam is a diligent and gentle exercise physiologist who will listen to your needs and work with any health constraints you may have. I particularly appreciated how he liaised with my cardiologist to help me figure out what I could and couldn’t do.
Ann Crosby
Ann Crosby
Adam’s exercises before a major illness contributed to saving my life. He is now able to help me with my rehabilitation and his willingness to conduct home visits is an extra bonus to us. We have nothing but praise for Adam. Thank you for your care Adam, John & Ann Crosby.
Nerida Davis
Nerida Davis
I cannot speak highly enough of Adam Rimland and his work as an exercise physiologist working across all ages and all medical conditions. My husband Brian suffered from Parkinsons disease which eventually affected his mobility – in 2019/20 we had Adam visiting our house twice a week where he focused on firstly analysing Brian‘s needs in developing an ever-changing program that challenged Brian but enabled him to keep Mobile. This was a godsend and so successful -he was 80 years old. We continued this when Brian was admitted to a nursing home . In recent times I engaged Adam to help me with a severe knee problem I have endured for 10 years. In that time three orthopaedic specialists have confirmed severe osteoarthritis with bone on bone and booked me in for surgery for a knee replacement all of which I cancelled. After working with Adam for six months and doing very specifically designed exercises I am now walking on the sand for 5 days a week for 6K with virtually no pain . On my recent visit to the orthopaedic specialist last week he confirmed that he does not want to do the knee replacement if I can walk that distance pain-free. This is a miracle for me resulting from Adam’s attention to detail and his depth of knowledge and experience in Exercise Physiology tailored to the individuals need. I am 79 years old .
Gail Price
Gail Price
It is with much pleasure that I wholeheartedly recommend Adam. A severe water skiing accident 50 yrs. ago left me with multiple spinal, muscular & balance issues which have worsened with age. Adam has slowly built up an exercise program which for the 1st. time, I have not only been able to follow & cope with, but which is actually improving my mobility & range of movement. I love the way he notices every aspect of my technique & offers advise for subtle changes that make all the difference. He is wonderful at explaining how & why these are helping me, & he is extending the program at a speed that is not overwhelming, but enough for me to feel continued positive changes in my body. Thank you Adam.
Tom Macartney
Tom Macartney
Adam has been working with me for 12 months both at home and in the gym after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.After much patience and effort Adam has improved both my balance and body strength to a level that not only impressed me and my family but also my neurologist.I have no hesitation in recommending Adam to anyone .

Empowering Independent Living: The Benefits of Exercise Physiology for Seniors

Seniors today are opting to live independently for longer, cherishing their autonomy. Physical activity plays a pivotal role in achieving this. In-home exercise physiology is an innovative approach to promoting optimal health, well-being, and independence right in the comfort of one's home.

Personalised Care In The Comfort Of Home

Choosing in-home services allows seniors to receive care tailored to their unique needs, taking into account individual health concerns, preferences, and the very environment they live in. At Age Well For Life, we design exercise programs suited to these exact specifics.

Independent living exercise physiology

Falls Risk Reduction

Statistics indicate a high incidence of falls among seniors. But with regular, structured exercise, this risk can be significantly lowered. Age Well For Life is committed to ensuring safety and stability.

Improved Mental Health And Well-Being

Physical health and mental well-being go hand-in-hand. Regular exercise can combat feelings of isolation and even slow cognitive decline. By staying active, seniors can ensure a holistic approach to their health.

Maintaining Independence

Consistent physical activity is key to prolonged independence. By integrating structured exercises into their routine, seniors can lead fulfilling lives on their own terms. Read some of our success stories.

Cost-Effective Health Solution

In-home exercise physiology is not just effective but also economical. Compared to other health interventions, it offers long-term health benefits at a fraction of the cost. Age Well For Life is an investment in quality living.

Collaborating With Retirement Villages And Homes On The Sunshine Coast

We understand the unique needs of seniors living in retirement communities. Age Well For Life collaborates with various retirement homes, offering group sessions, community engagement events, and more, adding value to the residents' lives.

Get Started with Age Well For Life

Ready to make a change? Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment, followed by a tailor-made program and ongoing support. Trust in our credentials and experience. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

More Senior Specific Exercise Physiology Services Available

Aged Care Exercise Physiologist sunshine coast

Age Well For Life EP understands the complex nature of senior health and prescribes exercise interventions that allow seniors to remain strong, active and independent well into their later years.

Home Care Package Exercise Physiology Sunshine Coast

Age Well For Life EP offers tailored exercise plans suitable for those on Home Care Packages, ensuring individuals maximise their health outcomes and maintain wellness within the comfort of their own residence

Aged Care Visit Exercise Physiology Sunshine Coast

Age Well For Life EP can devise specialised exercise regimens tailored for residential aged care settings, ensuring residents receive the optimal therapeutic benefits for their specific health challenges or post-injury recovery

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FAQ for Community-Based Independent Living Seniors

As seniors in independent living communities, you have a unique set of needs and goals. Exercise physiology plays a pivotal role in addressing these and enhancing your overall quality of life. Here are some common questions we receive from seniors living independently within the community:

What specific benefits does in-home exercise physiology offer for seniors in independent living communities?

In-home exercise physiology is tailored to boost mobility, enhance physical health, and foster emotional well-being. For community-based independent living seniors, this means more active participation in community events, improved day-to-day functionality, and reduced risks of falls or health-related issues.

How is the exercise program adjusted to fit my individual needs and living space?

Each exercise program is personalised based on your health needs, goals, and the space available. We consider the unique characteristics of independent living homes and retirement villages to ensure you get the most out of each session.

I've been physically inactive for a while. Is it too late to start benefiting from exercise physiology?

It's never too late! Regardless of your current activity level, our programs are designed to meet you where you are and help you progress safely and effectively

Can in-home exercise physiology help with managing chronic conditions that many seniors face?

Absolutely. Exercise physiology can be a key component in managing and even mitigating the effects of many chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or heart-related issues. By working closely with our trained professionals, you can develop strategies to address these challenges head-on.

How often should I engage in exercise sessions to see tangible benefits in my independent living setting?

The frequency can vary based on individual needs and goals. However, consistency is key. After an initial assessment, we'll recommend a schedule that's both effective and manageable for you.

Do I need any special equipment at home?

We provide all the necessary equipment for your sessions. Our exercise physiologist tailors programs using everyday household items, your own equipment, or can suggest affordable equipment options if required.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by giving us a call or shooting us an email

Are there any community-based group sessions available, or is it only one-on-one?

While our primary focus is on individualized in-home sessions, we also recognise the value of group interactions, especially in community settings. Depending on interest and availability, group sessions can be organized to foster both physical health and social engagement.

What qualifications do your exercise physiologists hold?

Our exercise physiologists are accredited with Exercise & Sports Science Australia, ensuring they have the highest standard of education and training in the field.