In-Home Disability Specific Exercise Physiology Sunshine Coast - NDIS

Age Well For Life EP specialises in NDIS in-home exercise physiology, focusing on rehabilitating individuals with complex conditions and disabilities. Our tailored approach aims to elevate our clients sense of ability, positivity, and confidence.

Sam Heritage
Sam Heritage
Highly recommend Adam and his services. He has been a great support for our son who has ASD and many sensitivities. Adam manages to get him moving and being active and provides education about living a healthy lifestyle.
maddison wilson
maddison wilson
I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to regain their balance and mobility. I have a lot more confidence in myself now after working with Adam for over the last 7 months. His periodic evaluations are very helpful in seeing the progress I’ve made. Dee Ware
Junelle Holmes
Junelle Holmes
My Mum of 94 years, has been doing exercises in her home with Adam. She was very weak and loosing muscle mass, especially after loosing my Dad in April. Adam gradually encouraged her to start gently and improve weekly doing her exercises. Even at 94, she is now regaining her strength and it looks like we wont be needing to use the wheel chair that was recently purchased. It's amazing what an half hour, twice a week, can achieve. Thankyou Adam for your knowledge and expertise in helping my Mum walk much more freely.
Vicki M
Vicki M
I worked with Adam whilst working as a Case Manager for an Aged Care Provider. Adam was a delight to work with. He was prompt, efficient and communicated extensively. His reports are detailed and I received regular updates. Clients have reached their personal goals and were thrilled with the way Adam approaches their sessions.
Val White
Val White
I have received the best service from Adam and feel he has brought out the best in me. Great to work with and understands my problems completely. Thank you Adam
Yvette Adams
Yvette Adams
Adam is a diligent and gentle exercise physiologist who will listen to your needs and work with any health constraints you may have. I particularly appreciated how he liaised with my cardiologist to help me figure out what I could and couldn’t do.
Ann Crosby
Ann Crosby
Adam’s exercises before a major illness contributed to saving my life. He is now able to help me with my rehabilitation and his willingness to conduct home visits is an extra bonus to us. We have nothing but praise for Adam. Thank you for your care Adam, John & Ann Crosby.
Nerida Davis
Nerida Davis
I cannot speak highly enough of Adam Rimland and his work as an exercise physiologist working across all ages and all medical conditions. My husband Brian suffered from Parkinsons disease which eventually affected his mobility – in 2019/20 we had Adam visiting our house twice a week where he focused on firstly analysing Brian‘s needs in developing an ever-changing program that challenged Brian but enabled him to keep Mobile. This was a godsend and so successful -he was 80 years old. We continued this when Brian was admitted to a nursing home . In recent times I engaged Adam to help me with a severe knee problem I have endured for 10 years. In that time three orthopaedic specialists have confirmed severe osteoarthritis with bone on bone and booked me in for surgery for a knee replacement all of which I cancelled. After working with Adam for six months and doing very specifically designed exercises I am now walking on the sand for 5 days a week for 6K with virtually no pain . On my recent visit to the orthopaedic specialist last week he confirmed that he does not want to do the knee replacement if I can walk that distance pain-free. This is a miracle for me resulting from Adam’s attention to detail and his depth of knowledge and experience in Exercise Physiology tailored to the individuals need. I am 79 years old .
Gail Price
Gail Price
It is with much pleasure that I wholeheartedly recommend Adam. A severe water skiing accident 50 yrs. ago left me with multiple spinal, muscular & balance issues which have worsened with age. Adam has slowly built up an exercise program which for the 1st. time, I have not only been able to follow & cope with, but which is actually improving my mobility & range of movement. I love the way he notices every aspect of my technique & offers advise for subtle changes that make all the difference. He is wonderful at explaining how & why these are helping me, & he is extending the program at a speed that is not overwhelming, but enough for me to feel continued positive changes in my body. Thank you Adam.
Tom Macartney
Tom Macartney
Adam has been working with me for 12 months both at home and in the gym after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.After much patience and effort Adam has improved both my balance and body strength to a level that not only impressed me and my family but also my neurologist.I have no hesitation in recommending Adam to anyone .

Mobile NDIS Exercise Therapy Provider To Your Door

If you are under the age of 65, reside on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas, have Australian residency and need support from a person or equipment to undertake your activities of daily living due to an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent - then you may be eligible for assistance under the NDIS.

Plan or self managed NDIS participants can take advantage of Age Well For Life Exercise Physiology's specialised in-home exercise therapy services that are designed to help improve physical function and quality of life.

Providing In-Home Exercise Physiology Disability Services Since 2014

Enhance your functional abilities and recover from challenges associated with disabilities right in your own home. Age Well For Life provides specialised NDIS exercise physiology services tailored for individuals with disabilities, serving residents across the Sunshine Coast.

  • Customised for Your Needs: Our sessions are meticulously crafted considering your distinct health challenges and goals, ensuring NDIS beneficiaries receive exercise physiology guidance best suited to their disabilities and aspirations.
  • Stress-Free Accessibility: Say goodbye to the worries of commuting. With our NDIS in-home exercise physiology services, wellness arrives at your doorstep, eliminating the need to juggle schedules or navigate through traffic.
  • Comprehensive Reach: Whether you're nestled in The Range's scenic beauty or residing by Caloundra's serene beaches, our NDIS in-home exercise physiology services extend across every corner of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Reliable Expertise: Rest assured that your wellness journey is in the hands of an accredited exercise physiologist, ensuring top-tier professional care tailored to NDIS participants with every session.

work with an NDIS Trained Exercise Professional who is:


Drawing from over 9 years of experience in exercise physiology, Age Well For Life deeply understands the complex interplay between the human body and exercise. Our foundational knowledge ensures that the guidance and techniques we offer are grounded in scientific evidence and practical experience, making them especially suited for NDIS participants.


Age Well For Life proudly holds accreditation as an ESSA Exercise Scientist and Sports Scientist, showcasing our dedication to the pinnacle of excellence in our field. Staying abreast with the latest methodologies and continual upskilling are integral to our services. Delve deeper into our qualifications on our Credentials & Certifications page.


Building trust within the NDIS community requires consistent, dependable, and impactful service. Over the years, many NDIS participants on the Sunshine Coast have chosen Age Well For Life, valuing our deep understanding and commitment to their specific needs. To better understand our impact, hear directly from our satisfied NDIS clients on our Testimonials and Success Stories page.


Understanding the unique scheduling needs of our NDIS clients, Age Well For Life prioritises punctuality and adaptability. Offering mobile services throughout the Sunshine Coast, we ensure NDIS participants experience convenience tailored to their lives, without sacrificing quality.

Choosing Age Well For Life means investing in a partnership dedicated to elevating your health and well-being at every stage. Ready to make the change? Contact us now to book your in-home session.

Client Feedback

I have been working with Adam for approximately two years and have noticed a significant improvement in my functionality and strength. Adam's positive attitude and enthusiasm towards developing a bi-weekly gym routine makes going to the gym enjoyable and rewarding. Adam's willingness to adapt exercises and routines to cater for my limitations, whilst maintaining a high intensity session, is outstanding and is reflective of his exceptional knowledge of exercise physiology and working with a large range of client abilities. I would highly recommend Adam to anybody seeking a mobile exercise physiologist on the Sunshine Coast, you won't regret it!



Do You Have NDIS Funding For Exercise Physiology?

NDIS Participants can choose which providers they wish to work with, and their NDIS plan identifies what outcomes they wish to achieve, and the supports they will use.

Allied health providers such as exercise physiologists play an important role within the NDIS by providing quality services and support to participants.

Age Well For Life EP can be arranged through two NDIS Capacity Building funding categories. 

  • Improved Health and Well-being (12_027_0126_3_3)
  • Improved daily living (15_200_0126_1_3)

Depending on the structure of your package you may also have the potential to consult with an exercise physiologist via other avenues such as core funding.

Cindy had a delayed subarachnoid hemorrhage, left inter-cerebral haematoma and aneurysm Sept, 2016 with significant loss of left hemisphere tissue in her brain. She needed to get movement back, if possible, as a priority. Adam's exercise physiology services have been extremely helpful as Cindy's first movements came from his treatments. Her arm movements & balance have improved significantly. I can't thank Adam enough for what he is doing with Cindy.


/Parent/Carer Of Client Cindy

Disabilities That Can Benefit From Our In-Home NDIS Funded Exercise Physiology Services:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions
  • Vision and hearing impairments
  • Intellectual disability
  • Down syndrome
  • Autism
  • Amputation
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain injury
  • Paraplegia

Benefits Of Exercise Physiology For People Living With A Disability Include Improvements In:

  • Quality of life
  • Neuromuscular re-patterning
  • Flexibility
  • Weight management
  • Balance / coordination
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Postural control
  • Mental health
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Function

What You Can Expect From An NDIS Exercise Physiology Consultation?

  • Medical health interview and assessment
  • Individual advice to a participant regarding exercise required due to the impact of their disability
  • Condition and goal specific functional assessment and physical activity testing
  • Short and long term goal setting and action plan
  • Development of a customised home based exercise/ rehab/ reablement program
  • Ongoing graduated in-home exercise/ activity program and support

How Many Exercise Physiology Sessions Will You Require?

Clients that are independent with their exercise regime may only need a monthly consultation to assess progress and variety of programs.

Clients with more complex goals and physical or mental limitations affecting exercise may need daily or weekly supervised sessions with an EP.

If you wish to become a participant in the NDIS, you must complete an Access Request Form, which is available by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on: 1800 800 110. For more information visit the NDIS website.

Once accepted with the NDIS individualised plans are created and aimed at the individual’s needs and aspirations. Participants will be able to choose their plan managers, providers and how they access supports, as outlined in their individualised support plan.

The NDIS Referral Pathway For Exercise Physiology Services

Ready To Get Started With NDIS Funded Exercise Physiology.

Follow These Simple Steps...

Step 1

Contact Age Well For Life EP with the new referral. This can be done via the online client referral form, by sending an email to, or by calling Adam on 0414 546 615

Step 2

Age Well For Life EP will then get back in touch with the support coordinator/referrer to discuss suitability and appropriateness for exercise physiology services based on the clients condition and goals.

Step 3

Once deemed as a reasonable and necessary support, Age Well For Life EP will make prompt contact with the client and any associated parties.

Step 4

Age Well For Life EP will then create a services agreement and intended care plan. This is signed by the participant and practitioner and provided to the support coordinator.

Step 5

Age Well For Life EP will provide prompt and clear communication with organisation, carers, allied health, client GP and specialists about intended care plan.

Step 6

Implementation of in-home NDIS funded exercise physiology services.

Step 7

Age Well For Life EP will continue to provide exceptional communication throughout the service period with all associated parties. Age Well For Life EP will always report back to case managers on the outcome of ongoing assessments and recommendations for future management.

In-Home Exercise Physiology For Plan Or Self Managed NDIS Participants

Age Well For Life EP operates as a non-registered NDIS provider in the Sunshine Coast, offering in-home physical health services to individuals with permanent disabilities. Though formerly a registered NDIS provider, changes in the NDIA registration process made it more suited for larger corporations, prompting our transition. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, as we continue to serve the Sunshine Coast with professional in-home physical therapy. Currently, we assist self and plan-managed NDIS participants. Like registered providers, our services can still be fully NDIS-funded, but direct claims must be made by the participants. Our exercise physiologist holds an NDIS worker screening, police check, and other credentials.

More Exercise Physiology Services Available In Your Home

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Age Well For Life EP can prescribe a unique home based exercise program to assist you in the management of your chronic health condition or rehabilitate from illness and injury.

Aged Care Exercise Physiologist sunshine coast

Age Well For Life EP understands the complex nature of senior health and prescribes exercise interventions that allow seniors to remain strong, active and independent well into their later years.

Age Well For Life EP provides tailored in-home exercise programs specially designed for children, ensuring their growth, strength, and wellness are nurtured in a safe and familiar environment.

Age Well For Life EP offers dedicated in-home exercise regimens designed for effective injury rehabilitation, ensuring a swift and safe recovery within the comforts of your personal space.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NDIS Exercise Physiology

Navigating the realm of exercise physiology within the NDIS framework can sometimes seem complex. Here, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about NDIS-supported exercise physiology to help clarify and guide your decisions. Whether you're a participant or a support coordinator, this FAQ is designed to provide insights and answers specific to your needs.

What is exercise physiology under the NDIS?

Exercise physiology within the NDIS context refers to personalised therapeutic exercise interventions tailored to assist individuals with disabilities. These interventions help in improving their physical and functional capacities.

How does exercise physiology benefit NDIS participants?

Exercise physiology offers NDIS participants an opportunity to enhance their physical well-being, reduce the risk of secondary health complications, improve mobility, and boost their overall quality of life.

Can I access in-home exercise physiology services through my NDIS plan?

Yes, if your NDIS plan includes provisions for therapeutic supports or health and well-being, you can access in-home exercise physiology services.

As a non-registered NDIS provider, how does Age Well For Life EP handle payments and claims?

While Age Well For Life EP offers services that can be fully NDIS-funded, direct claims should be made by the participants themselves or their plan managers since only registered providers can claim directly with the NDIS.

Can exercise physiology under NDIS assist with specific conditions?

Absolutely. Exercise physiology can aid a variety of conditions, from neurological disorders to musculoskeletal issues, by providing customised exercise regimens to address specific needs.

How do I integrate exercise physiology into my existing NDIS plan?

Discussing your interest in adding exercise physiology to your plan with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) can help integrate this service into your existing or upcoming plan.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by giving us a call or shooting us an email

Can I transition to Gym-based services if I wish?

Yes, depending on availability and your preference, transitioning to gym-based services is an option.

Why should I choose Age Well For Life over other providers?

Age Well For Life stands out due to its commitment to excellence, personalized services, and extensive experience. Learn more about our unique approach and vision on our About page.  Age Well For Life specialises in providing exercise-based therapy to people in need, in the comfort of their own home, via face to face visits from a caring and experienced exercise physiologist. Our service eliminates waiting and traveling time for our clients who are time-poor and prefer to exercise from home rather than in a busy clinic or gym.