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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) comprises of diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary, cerebral and peripheral circulation, the heart's pacemaker and conduction tissues, pericardium, myocardium and heart valves). 

CVD is a leading cause of mortality in Australia.

Exercise has shown to be effective in both preventing and slowing progress of a range of congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases.

Age Well For Life EP is trained to provide specific and precise application of exercise prescription and programming for both preventing cardiovascular disease (primary prevention programs) or assisting in rehabilitation/ preventing any further progression of disease (secondary cardiac rehabilitation programs-phase 3 cardiac rehab).

Age Well For Life EP strictly adheres to evidence based exercise guidelines to ensure our clients are safe and ultimately we strive to increase our clients quality of life.

There are many diseases of the cardiovascular system in which there is evidence that exercise can play a therapeutic role.

These include the following conditions:

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

A combination of regular aerobic and resistance exercise has been shown to provide protection against high blood pressure.

Age Well For Life EP can assist in the management of hypertension by providing the correct type, intensity and duration of exercise that research has shown to be therapeutic for this condition.

Coronary Artery Disease

Regular exercise can not only reduce the risk of acquiring coronary artery disease, but also benefit those already diagnosed with the disease.

Age Well For Life EP can assist those with clinically stable cardiovascular disease to undertake the correct exercise required to optimize functional health of the heart and peripheral vascular systems.

The adaptations that exercise promotes in regards to heart health include:

  • decreased sympathetic and increased parasympathetic neural response at rest
  • neural regulation of the pacemaker cells
  • decreased heart rate and systolic blood pressure at rest and submaximal exercise therefore lower oxygen demands of heart
  • greater endothelial function (relaxation factors)
  • growth of blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow
  • increased cardiac output, stroke volume, blood plasma volume, increased oxidative capacity ,local vasodilation, shift back to type 1 fibers
  • improved body composition
  • improved blood lipid profiles (increased HDL, decreased LDL and triglycerides)
  • plus more....

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) causes a reduction in blood flow to the lower extremities due to narrowing of the arteries, and can make walking and other daily activities both challenging and painful.

Age Well For Life EP can design safe and effective exercise programs that aims to improves circulation to the leg muscles, reduce the pain of walking and enhance your quality of life.

Chronic Heart Failure

Age Well For Life EP can assist those with medically stable chronic heart failure by prescribing safe, specific and precise exercise prescription and programming that can;

  • increase cardiovascular function, muscle strength and endurance
  • improve ability to function and undertake the activities of daily living
  • improve quality of life and reduce symptoms of depression
  • improve cardiovascular risk factors by lowering the levels of blood cholesterol and other fats, blood sugar, and by lowering blood pressure
  • reduce the occurrence and severity of the signs and symptoms associated with CHF
  • slow the rate at which the disease progresses


Exercise therapy can help people with dyslipidemia reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by improving one's blood lipid profile.

Age Well For Life EP strictly adheres to evidence based exercise guidelines to ensure our clients are receiving safe and effective exercise therapy that aims to reduce triglyceride and/or LDL-c levels, while increasing HDL-c levels.

Our EP also promotes therapeutic lifestyle changes and encourage long-term changes in behavior that lead to greater exercise adherence and health outcomes.


Regular physical activity can help improve the balance and coordination, reduce the need for assistive devices, and enhance the general quality of life of stroke victims.

Exercise can also play a vital role in reducing the risk of having another stroke.

Age Well For Life EP can help prescribe the most appropriate evidence based exercise intervention for each individual based on the type and severity of the stroke.

Your EP will also undertake a thorough assessment to gain a greater understanding of the person’s capacity for motor skill learning and functional capacity while taking into account the prevalence of any other conditions present.

Improve your physical health or rehabilitate from injury or illness in the comfort of your own home