In-Home Exercise Physiology for Home Care Package Program (HCPP) Recipients - Sunshine Coast

Home care packages are government-funded programs that provide in-home support services for older adults who wish to stay in their own homes as they age. The program is designed to help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. In-home exercise physiology can play a vital role in achieving this goal by providing tailored exercise programs that can help seniors maintain physical and cognitive function, prevent falls, manage chronic conditions, and maintain mental well-being.

Sam Heritage
Sam Heritage
Highly recommend Adam and his services. He has been a great support for our son who has ASD and many sensitivities. Adam manages to get him moving and being active and provides education about living a healthy lifestyle.
maddison wilson
maddison wilson
I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to regain their balance and mobility. I have a lot more confidence in myself now after working with Adam for over the last 7 months. His periodic evaluations are very helpful in seeing the progress I’ve made. Dee Ware
Junelle Holmes
Junelle Holmes
My Mum of 94 years, has been doing exercises in her home with Adam. She was very weak and loosing muscle mass, especially after loosing my Dad in April. Adam gradually encouraged her to start gently and improve weekly doing her exercises. Even at 94, she is now regaining her strength and it looks like we wont be needing to use the wheel chair that was recently purchased. It's amazing what an half hour, twice a week, can achieve. Thankyou Adam for your knowledge and expertise in helping my Mum walk much more freely.
Vicki M
Vicki M
I worked with Adam whilst working as a Case Manager for an Aged Care Provider. Adam was a delight to work with. He was prompt, efficient and communicated extensively. His reports are detailed and I received regular updates. Clients have reached their personal goals and were thrilled with the way Adam approaches their sessions.
Val White
Val White
I have received the best service from Adam and feel he has brought out the best in me. Great to work with and understands my problems completely. Thank you Adam
Yvette Adams
Yvette Adams
Adam is a diligent and gentle exercise physiologist who will listen to your needs and work with any health constraints you may have. I particularly appreciated how he liaised with my cardiologist to help me figure out what I could and couldn’t do.
Ann Crosby
Ann Crosby
Adam’s exercises before a major illness contributed to saving my life. He is now able to help me with my rehabilitation and his willingness to conduct home visits is an extra bonus to us. We have nothing but praise for Adam. Thank you for your care Adam, John & Ann Crosby.
Nerida Davis
Nerida Davis
I cannot speak highly enough of Adam Rimland and his work as an exercise physiologist working across all ages and all medical conditions. My husband Brian suffered from Parkinsons disease which eventually affected his mobility – in 2019/20 we had Adam visiting our house twice a week where he focused on firstly analysing Brian‘s needs in developing an ever-changing program that challenged Brian but enabled him to keep Mobile. This was a godsend and so successful -he was 80 years old. We continued this when Brian was admitted to a nursing home . In recent times I engaged Adam to help me with a severe knee problem I have endured for 10 years. In that time three orthopaedic specialists have confirmed severe osteoarthritis with bone on bone and booked me in for surgery for a knee replacement all of which I cancelled. After working with Adam for six months and doing very specifically designed exercises I am now walking on the sand for 5 days a week for 6K with virtually no pain . On my recent visit to the orthopaedic specialist last week he confirmed that he does not want to do the knee replacement if I can walk that distance pain-free. This is a miracle for me resulting from Adam’s attention to detail and his depth of knowledge and experience in Exercise Physiology tailored to the individuals need. I am 79 years old .
Gail Price
Gail Price
It is with much pleasure that I wholeheartedly recommend Adam. A severe water skiing accident 50 yrs. ago left me with multiple spinal, muscular & balance issues which have worsened with age. Adam has slowly built up an exercise program which for the 1st. time, I have not only been able to follow & cope with, but which is actually improving my mobility & range of movement. I love the way he notices every aspect of my technique & offers advise for subtle changes that make all the difference. He is wonderful at explaining how & why these are helping me, & he is extending the program at a speed that is not overwhelming, but enough for me to feel continued positive changes in my body. Thank you Adam.
Tom Macartney
Tom Macartney
Adam has been working with me for 12 months both at home and in the gym after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.After much patience and effort Adam has improved both my balance and body strength to a level that not only impressed me and my family but also my neurologist.I have no hesitation in recommending Adam to anyone .

How Exercise Physiology Can Benefit Home Care Package Recipients

Exercise physiology offers Home Care Package recipients tailored exercise regimens that improve physical strength, mobility, and overall well-being. By incorporating these personalised plans, recipients can enhance daily functionality and quality of life from the comfort of their home. Here are the ways it can help:

Enhancing Daily Independence:

Personalised exercise programs designed to boost your autonomy and functionality within your home environment.

Fostering Emotional Well-Being:

Utilising physical activity to uplift mood and encourage positive community interaction.

Mitigating Falls and Improving Mobility:

Targeted exercises to strengthen balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls as mobility naturally declines.

Support and Peace of Mind for Families:

Delivering reliable and professional care, ensuring your loved ones are in safe hands.

Managing and Preventing Chronic Conditions:

Proactive approaches to maintain and improve your physical health, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Empowering through Health Education:

Providing valuable knowledge and resources, empowering you to make informed health and wellness choices.

Choosing Age Well For Life means investing in a partnership dedicated to elevating your health and well-being at every stage. Ready to make the change? Contact us now to book your in-home session.

How To Access Exercise Physiology Services Under A Home Care Package

The My Aged Care (MAC) system introduces two pivotal in-home programs:


  1. Home Care Package Program (HCPP) 
  2. Short-term Restorative Care (STRC)

These cater to seniors with a blend of clinical and personal services, ensuring they enjoy independence and safety in their homes. From nursing to travel assistance, MAC covers a spectrum of needs.

Age Well For Life stands as a beacon for seniors in this journey, championing health management and autonomy. While navigating the MAC system can initially appear complex, we're here to demystify it for you. 

Here are the essential steps to access our exercise physiology services under a home care package:



First, schedule an appointment with your GP to request an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) Referral. If you're 65 or older, you're eligible. While self-management is an option, involving your GP is highly recommended. After consultation, your GP will guide you to book your ACAT assessment or alternatively, book directly here.



After receiving details about your package (type, level, wait period, etc.), you'll need to select your providers. While local providers often evolve, this website can guide your search. Before deciding, list your needs and potential challenges. Consider factors like price, services offered, waitlists, and admin fees. For tailored recommendations based on your needs, consult with your exercise physiologist.



Age Well For Life is a trusted partner of most of the Sunshine Coast's leading home care providers, offering specialised exercise physiology services under the Home Care Package Program (HCPP) initiative through My Aged Care. Access our top-tier services through any funding model via your care organisation. To simplify the process, just provide us with your Home Care Provider details, and we'll coordinate with your case managers to cater to in-home needs.

More Senior Specific Exercise Physiology Services Available

Aged Care Exercise Physiologist sunshine coast

Age Well For Life EP understands the complex nature of senior health and prescribes exercise interventions that allow seniors to remain strong, active and independent well into their later years.

Aged Care Visit Exercise Physiology Sunshine Coast

Age Well For Life EP can devise specialised exercise regimens tailored for residential aged care settings, ensuring residents receive the optimal therapeutic benefits for their specific health challenges or post-injury recovery

Independent Living Exercise Physiology To Home Sunshine Coast

Age Well For Life EP crafts individualised exercise regimes for those in independent living situations, empowering them to sustain their autonomy and improve overall well-being through informed physical activity

View our comprehensive list of In-Home Exercise Physiology Services

Information For Care Coordinators and Home Care Package Providers

Exercise Physiology services are a vital part of in-home care to facilitate wellness and reablement outcomes for older people, and in delivering the objectives of Home Care Providers.

Specifically, EP's assist Home Care Providers by:

  • Assisting older people in achieving their clinical and non-clinical goals
  • Supporting older peoples’ independence, helping them remain in their homes for longer
  • Preventing falls from occurring, reducing their likelihood of moving into residential/respite care
  • Improving residents’ health, well-being and social inclusion in the community
  • Increasing residents’ satisfaction with their home care provider as a result of improved health
    and well-being service provision.

Refer A Client For In-Home Exercise Physiology

Are you a Home Care Provider looking to enhance the well-being and overall health of your clients through tailored in-home exercise physiology? Age Well For Life collaborates with many HCPP providers across the Sunshine Coast, offering specialised services to meet individual needs. Let us join hands in ensuring the highest quality of care for your clients.

In-Home Exercise Physiology For Home Care Package Program (HCPP) Recipients: Frequently Asked Questions

As recipients of the Home Care Package Program consider incorporating in-home exercise physiology into their care plan, many queries arise. To help clarify and streamline this process, we've curated a list of frequently asked questions related to HCPP and in-home exercise physiology.

How does In-Home Exercise Physiology integrate with the Home Care Package Program (HCPP)?

In-home exercise physiology, facilitated by our accredited professionals, can be accessed using funds from your HCPP, promoting both physical and mental well-being without leaving your home.

Can I allocate HCPP funds specifically for In-Home Exercise Physiology?

Absolutely. The HCPP allows recipients the flexibility to allocate their funds towards specialized services they require, which includes in-home exercise physiology services.

Are there specific partnerships between Age Well For Life and HCPP providers on the Sunshine Coast?

Yes, Age Well For Life collaborates with most of the Sunshine Coast's top HCPP providers. This synergy ensures you receive a seamless and integrated service.

How do I coordinate between my HCPP provider and Age Well For Life to receive exercise physiology services?

Simply share your Home Care Provider's details with us. We'll liaise with them, ensuring a coordinated effort to craft a program suitable for your needs.

What distinct benefits does an HCPP recipient gain from in-home exercise physiology?

HCPP recipients can experience enhanced mobility, reduced risk of chronic conditions, improved mental health, and overall better quality of life, all from the convenience of their homes, with in-home exercise physiology.

As an HCPP recipient, how often should I schedule these sessions?

The ideal frequency is individual-specific. After evaluating your needs and considering your HCPP, our team will suggest a fitting schedule, which could range from weekly to multiple times per week.

Within the HCPP, are there any out-of-pocket expenses for in-home exercise physiology?

Most services are covered by the HCPP. However, depending on your package's specifics and chosen services, there might be minor additional costs. It's advisable to clarify this with both your Home Care Provider and our team. You can book an appointment by giving us a call or shooting us an email

If I'm an HCPP recipient and wish to modify my exercise routine, is that possible?

Of course. The programs are tailored for HCPP recipients, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. If adjustments are needed, we'll modify accordingly.

What ensures the proficiency of Age Well For Life exercise physiologists in the context of the HCPP?

All our exercise physiologists are accredited and have specific experience working with HCPP recipients. Check out our credentials here.

As an HCPP recipient, if I transition to residential aged care, can I still access funding for these services?

Yes, there are funding avenues within residential aged care settings for services like ours.

How long is each session?

Typically, an initial consultation is 1 hour long and follow up sessions last between 20-45 minutes, but this can vary based on individual needs.

Why should I choose Age Well For Life over other providers?

Age Well For Life stands out due to its commitment to excellence, personalised services, and extensive experience. Learn more about our unique approach and vision on our About page.  Age Well For Life specialises in providing exercise-based therapy to people in need, in the comfort of their own home, via face to face visits from a caring and experienced exercise physiologist.