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Embark on a transformative health journey with the advent of world-renowned DNA health and wellness testing. Unveil a personalised roadmap to peak well-being, meticulously crafted from your unique genetic blueprint. Utilising a simple, home-delivered saliva swab kit, achieving personalised health is now more accessible than ever.

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  • Comprehensive Health Insights & Analysis: Delve into over 500+ DNA Health & Trait reports on your genetic health, nutrition, and fitness, tailored just for you.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Easy-to-understand results with actionable advice, all accessible through a secure online portal.
  • Privacy First Approach: Your DNA data is encrypted, anonymised, and never shared without your explicit consent.


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AI-driven analysis & results based on 20,000+ clinical trials

Popular Things People Are Able To Do With This DNA Test Kit:

🤒 Discover the root cause of their symptoms.

💉 Discover which blood health tests they should regularly test.

💪 Get personalised recommendations to optimise their health.

💊 Search any supplement to see if it’s right for them.

📈 Upload their labs and track their results over time.

Why People Take DNA Health Tests

Unveil Your Health Potential With Premier DNA Health Testing & Analytics

Now available in Australia, this premier DNA health testing and analytics service is trusted by over 150,000 users and 1,150 doctors globally. Leveraging ancestry-informed polygenic risk scores and a robust database of 83 million genetic variants, the skilled team of 65+ scientists and engineers employs advanced AI for near-perfect genetic variant predictions.

Step into personalised healthcare with unparalleled accuracy and depth.

Tailored Wellness Regimen:

Unlock your body's full potential with optimal diet, fitness, and supplementation plans designed to align with your genetic disposition. Discover the diet, supplement and lifestyle actions that are best for you based on your genetic risks, health goals & current lifestyle.

Proactive Health Blueprint:

Gain insight into your health risks and craft personalised prevention strategies for a proactive approach to your well-being. Get your Personalised Health Scores - Combining your DNA, labs, and lifestyle to give you a score and recommendations to get to 100!

Nutritional Harmony:

Discover food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies to fine-tune your diet for harmony and health. The DNA-based Meal Plan Builder - creates customised meal plans by analysing your unique genes linked to metabolism, nutrient absorption, and food preferences!

Your Ancestral Roots Revealed:

Explore your ancestry and heritage, connecting the dots between your genetic past and present health.

Begin your personalised health journey today and transform your genetic insights into actionable health wisdom. You can can order your test kit here.


Receive unparalleled, holistic health recommendations grounded in your genetic data, empowering you to steer your health journey with data-driven precision in just 3 simple steps...

Step 1 - Order Your DNA Test Kit Online
1. Simply Choose Your Test & Place Order

Order your DNA health testing kit online, which includes everything needed for a simple saliva collection, to start your genetic journey.

2- Accept Delivery of DNA Kit
2. Conveniently Receive Your DNA Test Kit In The Mail

Receive your kit, provide your saliva sample following the included instructions, and mail it back to the state-of-the-art lab using the pre-paid envelope.

3 - Access DNA Testing Portal For Results
3. Access Your Results & Report Online

Log in to the secure online portal to access your comprehensive report, offering personalised insights into your health and fitness potential.

The only DNA kit that offers truly personalised health recommendations based on your genes. The results don't just tell you what your genes mean — it uses your genes to predict the best recommendations, tailored uniquely to you.

Here's how DNA Health Test Kits Work

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Revolutionising Personal Healthcare

Embark on an empowering journey towards optimal health with the worlds most sought-after DNA health test kit. This innovative service offers a seamless blend of scientific rigor and personalised care, ensuring you receive tailored wellness strategies that resonate with your genetic profile. Discover the unparalleled precision and privacy of our world-class service, and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Your genes are the blueprint of your well-being. By revealing your genetic predispositions, this AI-driven DNA test serves as a cornerstone for personalised health recommendations, sculpting a bespoke wellness journey just for you. This is the only service doing AI in genomics & real precision health. It uses techniques in AI including Deep Learning, Bayesian Machine learning, and Hyperdimensional Computing for imputation and in the creation genetic models.

Discover the untapped potential of your DNA and transform the way you approach your health and lifestyle.

Unlocking genetic potential with genetic testing

Understand Your DNA

Your genes don't just influence your eye color or height—they play a critical role in your health and well-being. With over 1,000 comprehensive reports, in-depth analysis brings your unique genetic makeup to the forefront of your health strategy. Dive into the details of your DNA and unveil personalised insights that illuminate your predisposition to health conditions and pinpoint what your body needs to thrive. Get ready to meet the most authentic version of yourself and manage your health with unparalleled precision.

The Symphony of You: Harmonizing DNA, Lifestyle, and Lab Insights

Embrace a holistic approach to your well-being, where DNA is just the starting point. Complement your genetic blueprint by integrating insights from your diet, lifestyle, and lab analyses. The tailored recommendations aim to harmonize all aspects of your health, nudging your biomarkers towards their ideal levels. Observe as the pieces of your health puzzle come together, and experience the profound benefits of a truly personalised health plan.

Dr Testing The Health Of A DNA Strand

Trustworthy, Personalised Guidance

This DNA testing system was developed by a team of 70+ highly qualified professionals in science, engineering, genomics and artificial intelligence. Your DNA samples undergo rigorous assessment by accredited laboratories and experienced medical professionals, ensuring you receive reliable results. Benefit from personalised advice from these qualified professionals, confident in the knowledge that your health is in expert hands.

DNA Testing Professionals Australia

Your Personal Health Revolution: Harness the Power of Comprehensive DNA Testing and Online Health Screening

Discover the power of personalised well-being with the impressive selection of quality DNA health test kits available in Australia. Each kit is a gateway to understanding your body's unique language, offering a tailored approach to diet, supplements, and lifestyle that's exclusively yours. Experience the transformation toward optimal health—where peace, energy, and happiness are not just aspirations, but achievable states of being. Embrace the comprehensive care you deserve with the tools that make a difference.

Explore The Range Of DNA Health Test Kits Available (Delivered Australia Wide)

Delve into our diverse array of DNA test kits designed to decode your health and fitness, each one a stepping stone towards your personalized health revolution:

Genetic Predisposition Reports:

Unlock the secrets woven into your DNA with advanced genetic testing and analysis. Using pioneering ancestry-informed polygenic risk scores, this service offers insights into your likelihood of various health issues, providing a clear view of your potential health landscape.

Comprehensive Lab Analysis & Tracking:

Harness the full potential of personalised health with in-depth lab analysis and tracking, designed to complement your genetic profile. Uncover the optimal levels for your unique lab markers and receive customised recommendations to improve your health. With the convenience of self-ordered lab tests you have the power to monitor and adjust your wellness journey with precision, completing the intricate health puzzle that is uniquely yours.

Diet & Nutrition Plans:

Embark on a journey to nutritional enlightenment with our tailored diet and nutrition plans, meticulously crafted to align with your unique genetic makeup. Delve into a comprehensive analysis revealing the perfect balance of macronutrients your body craves, accompanied by a bespoke meal plan complete with delicious recipes, precise ingredients, and organized shopping lists. Elevate your health as you learn which vital nutrients and minerals your body needs to thrive, simplifying the path to a more vibrant, nourished you.

Regimen Builder:

Experience the future of personalised health with the unique Regimen Builder. This sophisticated tool crafts an exclusive health plan tailored to your body's specific needs, utilising the intricate data from your DNA and lab test results. Each recommendation is accompanied by clear insights into the health areas it targets, allowing you to understand the direct impact on your well-being. Moreover, you have the power to search for any recommendation—be it a particular supplement, diet, or lifestyle change—and instantly learn how it aligns with your personalised health plan, ensuring every decision you make is informed and beneficial.

Personalized Supplement Formula:

Discover the pinnacle of bespoke supplementation with the Personalised Supplement Formula service, a revolution in health optimisation. This is the sole destination where you can obtain a supplement blend that is entirely customised to your genetic profile. Exercise full control over your formula by adding or removing ingredients to suit your specific health needs and preferences. Plus, enjoy the ultimate convenience with the option to have your tailor-made supplement delivered directly to your doorstep, completing your health regimen with precision and ease.

Lifestyle Risk Analyzer:

Unravel the intricate dance between genetics and lifestyle with the Lifestyle Risk Analyzer. This tool merges scientific assessments with your personal habits to gauge the influence of your daily choices on your health. You'll receive a calculated score reflecting the potential risks based on your current lifestyle inputs. As life evolves and your habits shift, you can reassess to see how your updated practices alter your risk scores, empowering you to make informed, proactive changes towards a healthier you.

Advanced SNP & Gene Discovery Tool:

Dive deep into the genetic currents that shape your health with the Advanced SNP & Gene Discovery Tool. Navigate through an extensive database boasting over 83 million genetic variants to uncover your genotype for any specific SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism). With the ability to bookmark genes and SNPs of interest, you can keep tabs on the ones that matter most to you. Plus, organize your genetic exploration by creating personalised gene packs, allowing for easy access and continued learning about your unique genetic landscape whenever you desire. This tool is your personal gateway to unlocking the mysteries of your DNA.

Take Complete Control Of Your Health

This innovative DNA testing system provides personalised health recommendations by using AI and machine learning to analyse your DNA.

You're unique, your health approach should be too!

DNA Testing Service Australia

Select the kit that aligns with your health goals, or combine them for the ultimate insight into your well-being.

With science on your side, a healthier, happier life is just a test away.

The Best DNA Health Test Kit On The Market! Comparison Table

Embark on an empowering journey towards optimal health with DNA health testing. Our comparison table below delineates how this featured testing service stands out in the market, offering unmatched scientific rigor and customised wellness strategies attuned to your unique genetic makeup.

Best DNA and Health & Fitness Testing Australia


Analysing 83M Variants



Cutting Edge Polygenic Risk Scoring



Ancestry Informed Risk Prediciton



AI Driven Risk Prediction



Patent Pending Technology



Peer Reviewed Research Publications On Technology



Smart & Interactive Platform



GPDR Compliant



HIPAA Complaint



HiTrust Certified



Customizable Care Plans



Reliable and Valid Results Based On 1M+ Samples



Lab Analyser



Lifestyle Analyser



10000+ Scientific References



Health Recommendations based on 10,000+ clinical trials



Revolutionise your approach to wellness with advanced DNA health testing and analytics, providing valuable insights for a healthier life.

DNA Health Testing Related Frequently asked questions

What is DNA health testing?

DNA health testing is a type of genetic testing that analyses your DNA to identify variations or mutations that may affect your health. This information can provide insights into your risk for certain diseases, potential reactions to medications, and other health-related traits.

How can DNA health testing inform my healthcare decisions?

By understanding your genetic predispositions, you and your healthcare provider can make more informed decisions about your health. This may include preventative measures, tailored treatment plans, or lifestyle adjustments to mitigate potential risks.

Is DNA health testing accurate?

DNA health testing is highly accurate in identifying specific genetic markers. However, the interpretation of these markers in terms of health risk can vary. It's important to discuss your results with a healthcare professional for accurate advice.

What kind of health conditions can DNA testing predict?

DNA health testing can predict your genetic risk for a variety of conditions, including certain cancers, heart disease, and hereditary disorders. It can also provide insights into traits like lactose intolerance or caffeine metabolism.

Will my DNA health testing results be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is a priority for DNA health testing companies. Results are typically encrypted and stored securely, with access limited to authorised personnel. It's important to review the privacy policy of your testing provider.

How do I prepare for a DNA health test?

Preparation for a DNA health test is usually minimal. Most tests require a saliva sample, which you can provide by following the kit instructions. No fasting or medication adjustments are typically necessary, but check with your test provider.

Can DNA health testing determine my ancestry?

Some DNA health tests also include ancestry information, tracing your lineage and providing insights into your ethnic background. However, the focus of each test can vary, so choose one that aligns with your interests..

How long does it take to get results from a DNA health test?

The time to receive results can vary by provider but typically ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months. The testing process involves careful analysis and sometimes additional review to ensure accuracy.

What should I do if I receive a positive result for a genetic condition?

If you receive a positive result, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional or a genetic counselor. They can help you understand the implications of the result and discuss next steps for management or treatment.

Are there any risks associated with DNA health testing?

The physical risks associated with providing a saliva sample are minimal. However, there may be emotional, financial, or social implications to consider, such as anxiety over results or the impact of findings on family members.

What is the Most Accurate DNA Health test and Why?

SelfDecode is considered the most accurate DNA health test because it uses a comprehensive, research-backed approach to analyze a wide range of genetic markers and provide personalized health reports.

Where Do I Order A DNA Health Test Kit?

Embracing Precision Medicine: The Impact of DNA Health Testing in Australia

As Australia embarks on the forefront of personalised healthcare, DNA health testing emerges as a vital tool, empowering individuals with the ability to make informed health decisions. This scientific advancement dovetails with the nation's healthcare strategy, advocating for preventative measures that preemptively address potential genetic health risks.

The impetus DNA health testing provides for precision medicine transforms not just individual health outcomes, but also aligns with national health objectives aimed at mitigating the burden of chronic diseases, a key focus of health organizations across the country.

As we advance, these genetic testing capabilities continue to receive robust support from the Australian medical research community, ensuring that DNA health testing remains an integral part of our nation's innovative approach to healthcare.