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By choosing Age Well For Life EP you will work with an allied health professional who is:





Age Well For Life EP specialises in helping rehabilitate people with complex conditions and disabilities toward an increasing sense of ability, positivity and confidence.

Client Feedback...


Parent/Carer Of Client Cindy 

Cindy had a delayed subarachnoid hemorrhage,  left inter-cerebral haematoma and aneurysm Sept, 2016 with significant loss of left hemisphere tissue in her brain. She needed to get movement back, if possible, as a priority. Adam's exercise physiology services have been extremely helpful as Cindy's first movements came from his treatments. Her arm movements & balance have improved significantly. I can't thank Adam enough for what he is doing with Cindy. 

Mobile Exercise Physiology Services Available In Your Home

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Age Well For Life EP can prescribe a unique home based exercise program to assist you in the management of your chronic health condition or rehabilitate from illness and injury.

NDIS exercise physiologist sunshine coast

Age Well For Life EP provides specialised in-home exercise therapy services that are designed to help improve the physical function and quality of life of people living with a disability.

Aged Care Exercise Physiologist sunshine coast

Age Well For Life EP understands the complex nature of senior health and prescribes exercise interventions that allow seniors to remain strong, active and independent well into their later years.

Client Feedback...



I have been working with Adam for approximately two years and have noticed a significant improvement in my functionality and strength. Adam's positive attitude and enthusiasm towards developing a bi-weekly gym routine makes going to the gym enjoyable and rewarding. Adam's willingness to adapt exercises and routines to cater for my limitations, whilst maintaining a high intensity session, is outstanding and is reflective of his exceptional knowledge of exercise physiology and working with a large range of client abilities. I would highly recommend Adam to anybody seeking a mobile exercise physiologist on the Sunshine Coast, you won't regret it!

Age Well For Life

Ready to book an Exercise Physiologist visit to your home? 

An Exercise Physiologist Can Help You Learn How To Exercise Right For Your Condition!

Exercise is medicine! In fact, exercise is the best, cheapest, most accessible medicine available. Age Well For Life EP specialises in creating home based exercise and rehabilitation programs for people at high-risk of developing, or with existing chronic conditions.

Exercise therapy is extremely beneficial in the prevention, treatment and management of a range of medical conditions such as:

High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

Type 2 Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Obesity

Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Parkinson's Disease

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain, Muscle Strains

Learn more about the exercise physiology services offered and conditions treated by your Sunshine Coast based exercise physiologist Adam

Why Choose Age Well For Life Exercise Physiology?

Regular exercise can improve mental health, assist in weight management, improve strength and mobility, reduce falls risk, help manage pain and improve recovery rate after surgery.

Even a small increase in physical activity can have a positive impact on your health and quality of life.

For many people exercise may mean things like playing sports, going for a walk or jog, lifting some weights or perhaps doing some yoga.

However, some people experience barriers to health or have certain conditions, disabilities or injuries that make exercise much more challenging.

For these people, seeking the help of an ESSA accredited exercise physiology service is a smart and convenient way to ensure that they are getting the professional help they need to exercise safely and effectively for their specific condition.

What Is An Exercise Physiologist and What Do They Do?

An exercise physiologist or EP for short, is a university qualified allied health professional who specialises in exercise prescription and healthy behaviour change.

In Australia exercise physiologists are recognised by Medicare Australia, The Department Of Veteran Affairs, NDIS and most private health insurance companies.

Exercise physiologists provide a treatment plan that considers an individual’s current fitness level, personal preferences, existing health conditions and the effect of associated medications.

GP’s, medical specialists, aged care providers and disability plan managers trust Age Well For Life EP and refer their patients and clients.

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Your Expert In Home Based Exercise Physiology

Age Well For Life EP specialises in providing exercise-based therapy to people in need, in the comfort of their own home, via face to face visits from a caring and experienced exercise physiologist. 

Age Well For Life EP cuts down on waiting and traveling time for clients who are time-poor and prefer to exercise from home rather than in a busy clinic or gym.

Expert In Home Based Exercise Physiology

Seniors and people with disabilities may choose to have an Age Well For Life EP home visit to help them stay strong and mobile and ultimately be able to maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer.

We all know we have to include exercise into our lives, but it is important to exercise right for who you are. Nothing should stop you from living your best and most active life. 

Age Well For Life EP is here to help you move better, manage any injury or health condition that you may have, and assist you in achieving your health, fitness, or movement goals.

If you live with any chronic condition or injury and don’t know how to get started, contact Age Well For Life Exercise Physiology today.

Client Feedback

Jean W


I have found Age Well For Life Exercise Physiology Services to be hugely beneficial as Adam has tailored a specific exercise program for me. He has helped me improve my strength, mobility, balance and overall well-being. 



I first contacted Age Well For Life Exercise Physiology Services as I was unfit and overweight and needed help getting my health back on track. I also felt I needed to improve my general fitness and balance to prevent future falls. After working with Adam my balance has improved in addition to my overall strength and fitness. I now want to make regular exercise a part of my life. 

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Age Well For Life EP services clients living on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions.

An accredited Exercise Physiologist will visit you at your location of choice and provide a tailored exercise physiology service delivered to your needs. 

In-Home Exercise Physiologist Sunshine Coast

An exercise physiologist can visit you at home

In-home exercise physiology services are available to residents of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions.